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Welcome to the most ambitious Libertarian endeavor you'll find this year! After examining the incredibly low convention turnouts over the past decade (both statewide and nationally), we decided the best way to get people to show up was literally to drive them ourselves. So that's exactly what we're doing!

This Memorial Day weekend while others are out grilling and celebrating America, we will be fighting for it with our Liberty Bus. We started off with room for 50 people and are down to just 19 remaining seats. We're definitely going to fill every seat. We'll spend the bus ride preparing our statewide strategy, practicing how the convention works, and having a hell of a great time getting to know our fellow delegates in the process.

Please join us and let's steer the Libertarian Party towards electable leaders in 2016! -kevin ludlow
The political process doesn't work when we don't show up. Get on the bus!